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Fixed Wireless Phone Development Of Fixed Words
Sep 01, 2017

Fixed Wireless Phone Development of fixed words

Fixed telephone by mobile phone replacement has been very obvious, but there is a lot of investment or to invest in the development of fixed-term, but changed from the original PSTN to AG, I do not know why? But the cost of each line control in 400 yuan.

Now 400 yuan can buy a cell phone, and the use of mobile phone frequency is much larger than fixed, especially the answer (because no one at home, the fixed line is nobody then). The maintenance cost of the fixed telephone is much higher for the enterprise than the maintenance cost of the mobile phone because the maintenance of the line equipment requires a lot of manpower and money, and the maintenance of the base station does not need too many people.

Some people say a lot of reasons for the development of fixed telephone:

1, fixed telephone equipment (switches, lines) has been put into, and do not have to waste;

2, fixed telephone can bring calls income, especially with the mobile settlement income;

3, fixed telephone is a broadband "derivatives", the development of broadband donated fixed telephone, additional income;

4, broadband needs people to maintain, broadband + fixed need to maintain the same people, equipment is idle idle.

5, the current ADSL is still relatively save investment.

But a careful calculation, the actual situation is not the case:

1, fixed telephone equipment (switches, lines) will have maintenance costs, such as electricity, equipment, sheet repair costs, line maintenance costs.

2, fixed telephone calls to the income, can be replaced by mobile phones.

3, the development of broadband does not have to be fixed by telephone to achieve, fiber, wireless, PON and so can solve the broadband problem.

4, broadband speed (light into the copper back), fixed-line equipment must be new to meet the needs of users.

China Telecom and China Unicom can learn from China Mobile and learn from

1, in the new city do not vigorously develop fixed, low consumers can be through the wireless landline or mobile phone to solve the communication problem, do not engage in fixed words donated, the user does not have activities (to avoid the grassroots to complete the task, the development of a large number of zero calls Users), love to use fixed-line, of course, to develop, but not forced, so that through EPON or GPON to solve a small amount of fixed-line demand, reduce unnecessary investment.

2, in the line has been put into the place, the use of ADSL + wireless landline to meet the needs of users of broadband, do not force users to install fixed, and gradually replace the fixed switch (save electricity).